Donuts made with stuff you actually recognize

Donuts made with stuff you actually recognize

No artificial sugars, no ridiculousness

Frequently Asked Questions

We know it can be pretty hard to think about how to properly eat our holes, so hopefully these answers can help!

Yaaaas Queen.

Please take a moment to peruse this page here which details everything you need to know about how we ship these holes!

Then, put all the holey goodness your heart desires into your cart, and proceed to checkout where we will present all the shipping options to you!

Overwhelmed about all the incredible options we've created to make getting your hands on our holes possible?

All the details are here if you take a moment to read!

If you ordered for pick up at Holly's Healthy Holes, you order will be ready to be picked up at 7:30am and we're here until 3pm on the date selected during check out. This is the only location that guarantees pick up that early!

There is plenty of free street parking on Leavenworth. Please be cautious of our cyclist friends riding in the Leavenworth bike lane! Mask up, ring our doorbell, and one of our Boss Babes take your name and will hand over the goods.

If you ordered pickup at any of our partnering pickup locations, please refer to all details listed on this page here!

Babe, you need donuts yesterday and we feel that. Let us help.

Please see this list of local wholesale partners who carry our holes all the time for your pleasure!

All of our protein donuts are 100% gluten free, bay-beee! Every single product we make will always be free of gluten.

Donut Headquarters™ is Omaha's ONLY dedicated gluten-free and celiac safe production kitchen.

Our delivery route changes daily.

Your order will be delivered to your residential address between 8:00am-3pm on the date selected during check out.

You will receive and ETA text 30 minutes prior to delivery.

If you like it, love it, or leave it... be kind and tip your delivery human!

No changes can be accepted to orders within 24 hours of delivery.

We currently have 3 vegan + dairy-free donuts:

- Maca Salted Caramel

- Chocolate Date Night

- Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Vegan donuts are dairy free, soy free and (as always) gluten free.

While not all of our donuts physically contain nuts, every donut on our menu contains almond milk. We cannot claim any of our donuts as nut-safe/nut-free as we handle peanuts and tree nuts in our kitchen.

Each donut flavor is different. All of our macronutrients are listed here

Only the good stuff you can pronounce. You can see our ingredient list here

Non-vegan flavors are made with lactose-free and casein-free 100% pure whey protein isolate. (This ain't no protein you can find at your classic "bro" supplement store-- there are no flavors, colors or preservatives in the pure whey we use because we source it straight from the milk manufacturer.)

Our 4 Original flavors are free of gluten, lactose and casein but do contain dairy (OG Maple Glaze, Dub Chocolate, Lemon Chia, PB Cup).

Vegan flavors are dairy free, egg free, soy free and gluten-free.

First of all, go you. Secondly, that's no excuse to not eat all the donuts you desire.

But in case you can't eat them all, you should seal your fresh donut bb's up real good in an air-tight container. Donuts can be stored in airtight containers in the fridge for up to 5 days, and in the freezer for up to 6 weeks.

We do not recommend freezing fruit-topped donuts to preserve quality. Donuts cannot be saved after one day at room temperature. Never thaw and refreeze.

At Donut HQ™ in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska. 2215 Leavenworth Street.

If we told you, our coven would have to... well, let's just say our Donut Girl Squad is dedicated to the craft.

We make every single donut by hand, no machines, no extruders, no shortcuts.

Always baked, never fried. Made with natural sweeteners, low carb content + minimal ingredients. 100% gluten-free kitchen. Celiac safe.

Nah, bro, cuz #COVID.

Plus, Donut HQ™ is exclusively a production space and pickup spot, not a store front.

Check out or Instagram story to see when we have extra donut bb's up for adoption!

After you put all the donut goodness you could ever want in your cart, head over to the check out page. From here, you will see your subtotal and be prompted to select delivery or pick up. Select the desired date and click CHECK OUT.

You will see a box to type in the promo code. Be sure to click "Apply".


Follow us on Instagram @hollyshealthyholes for flash sale announcements on our story!

How it works:

-Whoops we made too many donuts

-Watch our story typically between 8-9am

-We will post the quantities of extra donuts by flavor, as well as prices and pickup times for that day.

-First come, first serve. Cash, card or Venmo when you arrive.

Ah, our most frequently asked question.

Depends on who you ask.

Let's be serious.

Our mission is to empower you on your individual health journey by bringing more scrumptious food options into the world, and to make it easier to make self-respecting choices as we take back the power of our wellness into our own hands.

Our vision is to serve and contribute to our community and our world by providing inclusive donut options we may not have thought existed.  We hope to help you rewrite some food beliefs and breakup with diet culture along the way.

We are guided by a philosophy rooted in transparency, community, empowerment, balance in all things, and self-love. We believe that just because you have a food allergy, sensitivity, health goal or preference, you shouldn’t have to be left out of the joy of donuts. We think should be able to eat donuts every single day if you want to, and otherwise do what feels good and right for your body, without any apologies or shame about it.

Eat the dang donut, sis. We're your #1 hype girl.

Hey, I'm Holly Wiest

Donuts are my bliss.

They have always been the object of my affection. Even during my competitive bodybuilding years, donuts were one of my favorite “cheat” foods.

Now, as a certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine, I love to practice and teach the importance of balance.

I believe in delicious pastries and that health is our own responsibility. I believe that even if you have a food sensitivity, allergy or health goal, you shouldn’t be left out.

My vision is to contribute to my community by providing healthy pastry options you might not have thought existed. I want to bring more scrumptious food options into the world so that it’s easier to make self-respecting choices as we take our wellness into our own hands.

Holly Wiest


Location & Contact

2215 Leavenworth St
Omaha, NE 68102


(402) 347-3050

Pickup Hours

7:30am – 3:00pm
7:30am – 3:00pm
7:30am – 3:00pm
7:30am – 3:00pm
the bakery located in lincoln nebraska where the healthy donuts are made


Love it or leave it, we like it that way. I mean, c’mon, men do it all the time. Hooters? Just Good Meats? KUM & GO?

If they can do it, why can’t we? Let’s talk about normalizing women’s sexuality!

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